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Smith Mt Lake Boat Dock

This Smith Mt Lake boat dock is a masterpiece of function and engineering. We had the great pleasure of designing and building new stairs and a new boat dock for a great couple from Northern Virginia that purchased a home in SML's oldest neighborhood, Long Island, in early 2013. The incredible steps make the floating dock at the bottom of the very steep back yard accessible from the house. We replaced the entire room of the boathouse and built a floating dock with floating steps. We installed a boat cradle and hoist system in the boathouse. This project progressed quickly so the family could make use of their new dock by Memorial Day.

Here's what the clients said: "The staircase leading from the house to the lake front provides us easy access to the lake where previously it was a perilous journey for us to get there. The quality of your work is immediately apparent since each stair tread is attached by screws instead of nails, the miter joints are absolutely flush, and all sharp edges have been rounded off by a router. Additionally, the architecture of the staircase is both appealing and practical since it incorporates numerous landings that solve the challenges of the landscape and the steep terrain. We have had boaters stop by and compliment us on how impressive these stairs look. We are also thrilled with the dock system that includes a fixed sun deck, floating dock, boat lift, and storage shed. The best part of the project was working with a very professional company. You listened to what we wanted and made it happen. Your crew was very skilled and diligent. We really appreciated your attention to detail and flexibility. We will recommend your company to anyone who needs construction work. "

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