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General Contractor – Most everyone has heard of this one. You hire us and we hire all the subcontractors and take all of the risk for a lump sum price. You typically hire your own architect and/or bring your own drawings.

Design-Build – You hire us to design AND build your project. You can still select the architect that best suits your needs or you can let us provide the architect. The beauty of this arrangement is that we will build the project based upon an earlier budget arrangement and we will contract directly with the architect. You have the least risk in this scenario. We can also design your remodeling project in-house without the additional expense of an architect, provided that the project is within our abilities.

Construction Manager – This one can look a lot like a General Contractor or more like an adviser – the choice really is yours.
When we act as a:


  • Construction Manager – At Risk, we take on the pricing risk just like a General Contractor. However, in this situation, we can work on a cost plus basis with a guaranteed maximum price so that the project stays within your budget. That means savings for everyone if the project comes in under budget. Or, it means we take care of the cost overrun if that occurs.

  • Construction Manager – Agency, we act as your advisor and you contract directly with the subcontractors. This arrangement can be more cost-effective, but will require more commitment from you.


There are many variations to the arrangements listed above and we can explain them to you at length during your project. Some of the variations include hiring us at the same time that you hire the Architect or maybe you’re just hiring us for estimating services. There really are an endless number of options. The easiest way to determine what’s best for you is to explain your situation and your desired outcome. Remember that no matter which arrangement you choose, it requires that the Contractor performing these services is properly licensed just as if they were actually performing the work as a General Contractor – that even includes the Construction Manager – Agency arrangement listed above.

Speaking of which, please be sure to check out the RBC-9.1, Statement of Consumer Protections form. This form will provide you with some assistance in what to expect from your contractor, as well as their licensing requirements. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation. You can even go to the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation and DPOR License Lookup to make sure they are properly licensed.

TBS Construction’s license number: Virginia 2705 101804A BLD

Ready to contact our licensed contractor?


If you have questions and ideas that you are ready to discuss with our licensed contractor and project manager, we’re eager to talk to you about your project. After our conversation, we’ll schedule a free consultation and provide you with a no-obligation estimate.

Jay Gauldin, President

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