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Restaurant Renovation Taste of Asia

With restaurant renovation, timing is everything and our design-build approach means owners can re-open within a few months. We completed this project for the new owner with a shorter time frame than new construction and traditional architectural concept design. Extensive restaurant renovation experience means we speak your language. We understand the importance of layout flow and traffic control. Kitchen efficiency and seating design improve customer satisfaction, bringing you repeat business, happier customers, and happier staff. Let us show you how we'll reduce overhead and improve sales with a smart remodel.

The project turned out great with all of its unique architectural elements - both inside and out. Outside, we added accents like stacked stone facade and back-lit brushed steel signage. Inside, the new host station creates immediate branding and clear direction for patrons. Sitting at the sushi bar is a treat for customers where they watch through glass partitions as their meal is prepared and served directly by sushi chefs. We enjoy working on projects like this with innovative features and creative freedom. From an elegant bamboo wall, to dramatic bar lighting to improved layout and foot traffic flow, it's easy to see how this project delighted the new owners.

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