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Church Renovation and Additions

TBS Construction is providing the church renovation and additions for the Unity Church of Roanoke Valley. Watch as we add Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall additions to this church built in the 1970s. Along the way, we will completely renovate the main building with all new electric components, to include efficient LED lighting and high efficiency ductless HVAC units that will help the church saves hundreds of dollars every month. The project started a few years earlier when TBS Construction provided budgeting for the project when it was in its planning stages. It eventually progressed to the design phase and then ultimately to the bid phase where TBS Construction was the low bidder. Even though TBS was the low bidder, the project was still approximately $150,000 over the Church's budget. With TBS Construction's experience in value engineering, we were able to get the project back into budget and the Church still got most everything it wanted on its wishlist - just in a more value-conscious manner. The additions are full of new windows to let the light in and enjoy the views, especially with the new multi-panel wall that opens for approximately 14 feet of unfettered access to the courtyard for weddings and other hosted festivities.
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