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Farmers Market Stage Renovation

Recent Farmers Market Stage Renovation in Vinton, VA, is part of $700,000 of refurbishments in the Downtown Vinton area underway in 2016-17. The original stage and shed located just inside Downtown Vinton was an outdated and under-used structure, partly due to the limitations of its size. When the Town decided to update the Farmers Market area, the stage was the first part of the renovation. In partnership with The Town of Vinton and Hill Studio, TBS Construction created a larger performance stage with improved visibility for audiences. The larger cricket-style roof features metal roofing for improved durability. Working within the existing footprint, the extensions maximize the capacity of this venue and create an eye-catching feature in the downtown area, thanks to added vertical height, sophisticated lines, and brighter colors.

The newly-completed performance area features an extended apron stage, seating wall, and expanded sidewalks. The seating wall also boasts a new sign, welcoming people to Vinton along the route many drivers use while commuting to and from Roanoke. Wider sidewalks aim to increase foot traffic throughout the market area during events.

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