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Closet Full Bathroom Remodel

This closet full bathroom remodel turns small space into a charming en suite bathroom. Projects like this are a showcase for our design-build talents from start to finish. When our client wanted to add a full bathroom to the master bedroom of this house, she initially had an addition in mind but the return on that kind of investment just wouldn't make sense. We discovered that we could convert the existing master closet into a full bathroom at considerable savings to the homeowner. By borrowing a little space at the end of a hallway and relocating a linen closet, we were able to create a full bathroom that includes a full-size shower and still meet building code stipulations about minimum distances from fixtures in bathrooms. The pocket door allows ample clearance to accommodate the unique drinking fountain the client wanted to repurpose as a sink. We installed a window for ventilation and created useful storage with a glass-shelved built-in. The full-glass shower door and white subway tile creates clean lines and makes the room feel bright, spacious, and modern. The finished full bathroom suits the homeowner's tastes while creating a boost for property value at a great savings to the client's budget.

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