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Pita Pit Restaurant Remodel

We provided free budgeting services for the new Pita Pit in early 2015 when the owners were searching for locations. Budgeting is one of the many services that we offer and it's especially helpful to those looking to either purchase or lease space which requires improvements. After settling on the current location, TBS was invited to bid on the project and entered into a contract in early July 2015 for a 9-week restaurant renovation project. The project involved adding a bathroom, a kitchen area and service and dining areas. All of the flooring is tile, along with tile and stone backsplashes and wainscoting. We upgraded the electrical system to 3-phase, increased the water service and upgraded the HVAC system with ductless units which helped us retain the historic tin ceiling. The owners were great clients and we wish them the best of luck. Pita Pits have late hours, so if you're not around for lunch or dinner, swing by in the evening after a night out on the Downtown and enjoy a delicious wrap!

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